Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things Changed...

I can't help but notice that something in me has changed, my taste in men particular. No I'm not talking about the looks, because I don't go after a particular look, it really depends on the chemistry and the attraction.

Whereas before I liked more matured men, now I go for younger men to barely legal - hahaha. I don't know. When I was younger I wanted someone who is older than me, because I felt that boys my age were basically immature. Now I feel that I can withstand the immaturity, I now am after the physical stamina. Somebody who can satiate me.

Yeah I'm becoming a regular slut. I don't know why.

I think I've made a previous confession that I've never been in love, whether to a man or a woman. Oh well, now I'm saying this, I' ve always been attracted to men, with women however is a different story. I've dreamt of having sex with women, even had wet dreams involving women. I think and feel that I can get a hard on and actually have sex with a woman.

Looking for a guy who's about my height 5'11 - 6' in height is a bit of a challenge, or it could be that I go to the wrong places. But anyway last saturday, I met a very interesting guy, who is even taller than I am. I had an opportunity to move from first base to homebase had I not backed out at the last moment. Sigh.... Stupid, stupid, stupid. Hahahaha. From where I am, which was just beside him, I can see that he's hung. I know he was interested, I can see it from his eyes. Yun nga lang I got tyope. Tsk, tsk, tsk....

Anyway, I went home happy and contented, my partner certainly is buff. Nice abs by the way, flat washboard abs. He's sucking action was a bit boring, but it was compensated by the great face.

I really did change. Maybe it could be a result of my transition from a potential bottom (which I realized was not for me due to my height, and how awkward it may appear, me getting it up the ass from a midgie) to a dominating top.


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