Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Kid on The Block

There's a new kid on the block, or haven't you heard of him? I'm referring to David Poarch a.k.a Coconuter. In my warped and perverted world, writing about him would be the last thing on my mind. The chances of me meeting him in person is probably slim to none.

So why should I right about him?

One, I am making an exception in this case. I want to write something about him because I salute him. He's a rarity, particularly among our age bracket (20's).

If you can find someone willing to leave his/her comfortable life in the land of the Milk and Honey, in the land of Uncle Sam, and the land of opportunities, in exchange for a life in the third world known as Pearl of the Orient - Philippines, please introduce him to me.

Because this is exactly what David did. He left a good life, comfort and all of Houston, Texas to travel all the way here with next to nothing. In his blogsite, he discussed how he felt the need to find purpose and meaning in his life, and he felt that he can only find it here in this country. So against his parents' wishes, he left chasing after that dream of making it big here in the Philippines.

You will discover how hard that new life is, but he's not complaining, in fact, just by reading it, you'll find out that he sounded happy and contented.

While every Filipino is dreaming of getting out of this hell hole, he decided to do the opposite and he came here with eyes wide open to the harsh realities of the Philippines.

Obviously, he is a very intelligent man, just by reading his short yet to the point entries. And on his resume you will find a very impressive list of credentials including the fact that he graduated at the top of his class, which I have no reason to doubt.

Why would anybody, much more a sane and intelligent person want to do such a drastic, foolish, seemingly stupid decision? Why leave everything behind to start anew in a land that cannot guarantee safe passage much more your next meal?

The answer is simple, only a courageous person with a sense of purpose could only do that. He was in search of something, but I think that he actually have found it already. He found a sense of self. Of knowing what you want and actually doing something to get it.

I myself cannot simply leave my comfort zone without any assurance that I'd get something good from doing it.

But David is different, the fact that he experienced hitting rock-bottom several times, he experienced depending to mother nature for his food, experienced eating champorado every meal for several days, thieves breaking into his house and stealing alot of his stuff including clothings and his digicam which he is using to document his life here. He experienced alot of things that I don't even want to imagine to happen to me.

These experiences actually made him richer rather than poor. He is enriching and nurturing his soul.

At the end of this entry, all I can say is that I envy him. I wish that I have the same guts, to do something some people might call insane but in fact is very logical.

To you Mr. David Eric Poarch, I salute you!!!

The half Filipino part of you is the one that is seeking for the answers and the sense of mission and purpose, and the half American part of you is the one that pushes you towards your dream.


At 6:35 PM, Blogger pepe M. said...

I stumbled on his blog too and indeed he's such an inspiration!
feeling ko nga, gagayahin ko yung mga villages shots nya paguwi ko, hehehehe!
oh, aside from his killer look, heS gifted with a towering IQ pa!

ah, wish he's gay...hahahahaha!


pepe M


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