Monday, October 16, 2006

Fuck Bisexuality

And so I was reading a blog earlier. The entries were short yet to the point. A+ for the blogger. So I decided to browse through his past entries, I thought I was actually enjoying reading his blogs when suddenly like a bomb, I saw the fucking word that I hate... BI. He's claiming that he is bisexual.

Allow me to kiss this barf bag first before I continue. I have nothing personal against bi-people. Well whatever keeps you happy, right? I just don't get the concept of bisexuality.

There might be people who enjoy fucking both men and women, but still I believe that these people, no matter what they say or claim, enjoy fucking with the same sex more than the other. Can I have a show of hands for this?

So what makes them then? Its obvious really, they're homos, just like moi! Gays who for the love of God cannot find acceptance that easy. Gays who kept on deluding themselves that they are straight, yet they just love sucking dicks and sticking them up their asses.

Gays had been classified by "society" in general to belong to the third sex, somewhere in between the male and the female gender. We are a class, a division of our own. There is no middle-middle sex. An in between being gay, being a man and/or being a woman.

Bisexuality is preposterous.

Once and for all let us just admit to ourselves that we're queers, that we like sucking cocks more than eating pussies.

It just pisses me off, whenever I hear claims such as this.

Newsflash, you can be gay without losing musculinity. This is not impossible. You can be a muscle mary, you can be whatever that you want to be. Afterall, musculinity and being a "real man" should not be based on gender preference. The principles that we live by define whether we are "real men" or not.

Most men does not have the courage to face the consequences of their actions, so would you still call them "real men"?

So if you are offended by this entry, go suck a cock and tell me that you like eating pussies.

I say fuck bisexuality and just come out of the closet for crying out loud. Let's all be gay and happy.


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