Sunday, August 13, 2006


I wonder what happened to the case filed against the organizers of the 1st Anniversary of "Wowowee." That no-brainer of a show of ABS-CBN, with the no-brain(er) host Willie Revillame.

Remember this?

70+ people died at the Philsport Arena (formerly known as Ultra) just because of the ineptitude and the stupidity of a few. Around 6:30 in the morning of February 4, 2006, after days of hardship, falling in line and sleeping by the roadside, just to get a shot at the prizes being offered by the show, the unthinkable happened.

After hearing cries about a bomb, panic stricken people ran for their lives and in the process left many trampled to death underneath.

Such travesty.

Revillame, no matter what the network says should be held responsible, he admitted that he calls the shots for this show. Afterall it is his show. Just because of the stupid network war and the desire to come on top of the network ratings, the organizers including ABS-CBN stooped down to the lowest level possible and preyed on the poor "masa"

Like dangling a bait to a hungry pack of wolves.

Now the show is back, and has been airing for quite sometime now.

The audacity of Revillame and his posse. Once again, they are back to their old dirty tricks and stupid antics. Back to making "gulang" to the masa. Back to humiliating people for fun in exchange for a paltry sum.


Nakakahiya, sobra.

As to the case. It's been dragging along just fine, it has been six months already. I wonder what's keeping them from prosecuting the people behind the show.

Shows like this should be banned, and people who prey upon hapless people should be skinned alive and tarred.


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