Sunday, August 27, 2006


Shit talaga. How could I possibly have reached this age without knowing anything about relationships.

I'm talking about relationships between couples.

And so I met this great guy, however the venue wasn't so great. Just by the venue alone you could already make a passing judgment that this person is not such a good catch.

Pero hindi eh, based on our conversations he is such a nice fellow, anyone could simply fall in love by his wit, humor and intelligence.

Problem now is, I have no fucking clue as to how to go about it. Am I being too aggressive or am I being pakipot. I know, I know this is not your regular straight boy/girl relationship requiring all that courtship and shit, whatever. And, nga pala, courtship is so outdated, meron pa bang ganun ngayon even for straight couples?

Can you blame me? I like him. Shit. I really am dazed and confused and I feel so lost. I think I know the problem, I am being too cerebral about this. Why not go with the flow right? I mean everything might just fall into place, right? I hope, I hope or else this relationship is destined to go kaput in a matter of days... (happy thoughts, happy thoughts...)

Hay naku talaga.... Help!!!!



We are somewhat taking "it" slow, whatever that means...

We were supposed to meet again the other day but he backed out the last minute, giving me some lame excuse about being asked to report to work. My ass!!!! Anyway, I stopped texting him after that, and now he's the one running after me. Hahahaha. Can't resist my charm now, ha?

I'm actually having fun now, its not much of a relationship I know but its a start right?

So there....


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